“Keep at it they will remember or realize one day”

My name is Oliver, I have been looking for this someone for a little while someone who can balance me out and laugh at my dumb jokes when I make them just someone who gets me, you know. I wake up every morning in my bed alone staring at the wall is my first sight, a plain boring white wall. Every now and again I wake up and see my ceiling! A treat sometimes don’t ask me why. Anywho, I stumble out of bed on most days and drag myself to the bathroom for the morning routine (poop, shower, brush teeth, rinse repeat) on some days I even have breakfast, not that often though. When I finally get dressed and all smelling like a million bucks it’s time to head to this menial job that is fulfilling to a point, then it’s like “why am I here?” When I get those feelings I want to just say “fuck you” to the first person I see however,  I’m not that person, I’m a nice guy. In situations like these what else can I do? So I bite the bullet and keep at it knowing that one day someone will see me. Someone will know me and my worth and accept me for who I am. Whether it be a job, a relationship, a decision. One day someone will get it. Un dia, UN DIA! they will all know the name of Oliver SaintPatrick.

“Un dia, Un dia!…Sabrán mi.