“His whole personality was like an elaborate joke, that he never stopped telling”

...This is all besides the point. I started working on this new project that we just got and the shoot was amazing. Literally my first day… on the 10th.
I come in to work all natural and my boss Eric tells me I’m working with Michael for my tenure as an assistant. so basically I’m his assistant. Im like dope I had seen some of his work but honestly didn’t know who he was or anything just happy to be with a “celebrity” of such. So I go to his office and he’s looking like he’s on his way out, so I approached him confused and introduced myself like “ Hey I’m Derek Quinn your new assistant”. He then proceeded to look at me with this look of disgust and anguish. I swear I thought i would be fired but he then said “nice to meet ya, sorry I’m in a rush but well I guess i mean we are in a rush now because where i go you go so you are coming with me” I looked at him again with a look of confusion and said” ok cool can i leave my bags and things here?” he said “sure” and we proceeded to walk aggressively to the elevator...

“Becoming me, was the greatest creative project of my life .