“For once I can be obscene, this is Just a Dream”

It was all a dream I had when I was younger. I saw what I imagined as my future or my intentions. I tried, I suffered and was badly beaten and battered however I kept at it and never let THEM see me hurt knowing damn well I needed the assistance. I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted a partner to help with my dreams maybe help get me to that nirvana, that happiness I always envisioned. I was so caught up in what I wanted to make me happy I never realized I was hurting myself by trusting anyone enough to follow MY dream of happiness. Who knows if they want that happiness, or that life at all. I gave up everything, I let go of my inhibitions, and opened my mind more and let my heart rest. Love had no place in a dream. All dreams that end or begin with love, lead to heartbreak nobody has YOUR visions or care about YOUR plan your only saving grace is that you do it together or wake up. Like it was all a dream. Just a dream. 

“This is crazy, Don’t let THIS drive you crazy.