No matter what keep fighting!
You still have the spirit.

-was (interrupted) sorry... 10:45 AM

Umm my story from yesterday...then I'll get into today. So I was supposed to go in asked Anderson am I coming in... blah blah blah. So he replied IMMEDIATELY... like 15 seconds later. He said, " Yes, Im contacting Internal Support and the People Success team to try to get everything fixed before 10." I reply, "OK Cool". Knowing in my head I really didn't;t want to go in because I was so dizzy as I was sitting butt-ass on the toilet texting my boss. So I hopped in the shower, washed up, brushed my teeth and hair and got dressed. Took my SUCRALFATE" and sat on the couch. I was watching Poppy as he came out his cage and sluggishly dropped to the ground on his two front legs with his butt in the air, than let out a big yawn. It's now 8:30 AM and I'm felling more and more sick, haven't gotten up from the couch to grab Poppy's harness and leash. I again look at him and he's knocked out in the fetal position up on the couch next to me. I know the latest I should leave is 9, so I have to take him now. I get up and grab his harness. He's immediately wide awake now and stretching... So after we finish our morning walk its about 8:45 AM and I sit right back on the edge of the couch... still worried about going to work. I text Anderson back and say, "Hey did you get everything sorted out? If nit I'm not feeling the best and wouldn't mind staying home an extra day so that it could be all sorted out. This time took a little minute for Anderson to respond. He came back and said, "we submitted everything at 7:30 AM and they said it should be fixed by 9:30. I will keep you posted in 30 minutes and figure out an alternative solution if we need to". In my head I'm like it 8:53AM, you talking about 9:30. I have to be out of here by 9 just to be sure I make it there on time to begin my shift by 10. That just kept playing in my head but I said, "OK". He replied, "I will give you a call once they sort everything out". I reply, "sounds good"... Now I'm thinking about my "training" on Thursday... (which is a scheduled day off) that I will be "working" to have 10 hours of overtime, why can't I move my training from then to today. 3 minutes later... "vibrate-vibrate" Anderson calls and says immediately, "no change yet, but we have an idea since this will take a while and you would have to sit and wait while we assign a bin to you...yada yada yada, so how would you like to stay home and do your training today and be off Wednesday and Thursday but come in on Friday?" "Sounds good to me", I said. "Perfect!, this way you're not feeling that well and not have to call out and we will get you situated for your shifts for the weekend." "Awesome!, sounds good thanks Anderson". So I stare back at Poppy and say, "I'm staying home Pop!". End up telling Kelly the same thing, than grab her iPad and plug it up to my lightning fast charger because I have to prepare for 10 hours of ZOOM learning "/ (yippie) while feeling super sick at the same time, Kelly is home, Poppy is home, and where am I going to go to have peace and quiet when that doesn't even happen on the regular. Ah well I said... and had it in my head that I'd be aggravated and interrupted all day... FINE! :( 

...To be concluded

I gave what I was supposed to give.
I’m not accepting it anymore.