Decided to give this another shot...
Still don't quite know what to write but, words come to you once you start. I honestly could write about nothing probably for a long time if I "tried"

All you really have to do is write down the words in your head. I don't know inside other peoples minds, but I know that I always see another word or thought after the first one. I can continuously write what I am thinking and that's pretty dope! And if I can write my thoughts... who would read them? If anybody or everybody did, that would be dope too!But at the same time... what would you write?

...Hey yeah, me again same day/night as before, but just got a thought of old treasure hunts and what if this page gets torn out? Anywhoooo that is besides the point as well. I forgot what I was initially gonna write because of a treasure hunt that probably will never happen.Thats the weirdness that happens in my mind from time to time. 

-Burning this incense in my face with no shirt on (high on stuff)
-this Janet Jackson song just stopped me in my tracks
Was watching ("Hustlers 2020")

Two days can never equal,

The day.